Fellowships and Interns



Upper East Fellows and Interns

The mission of the program is to educate and empower the next generation of business and community leaders, while supporting UETHDA departments. Each student is challenged to develop their talent and passion, growing both personally and professionally to reach their potential in leadership.   Through hands-on projects and various development activities, Upper East Fellows and Interns are provided the opportunity to learn and to become effective leaders in their communities.


Upper East seeks talented individuals with a heart for their community, committed to assisting people in finding their pathway out of poverty.  Upper East Fellows and Interns will have the following traits:

  • Evidence of leadership skills and seeking further growth
  • Ability to work with diverse groups
  • Self-motivated and task oriented
  • High achievement of professional and educational development

Upper East Fellows are graduate students or upper level undergraduate students with an interest in aiding in special projects.  The fellowship program recruits and prepares high-quality, dedicated individuals to become advocates of financial empowerment and building assets.


Current Opportunities



.                                                               Shounda Stevenson – SStevenson@uethda.org