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Education Programs

The Education Program provides financial aid to neighbors wanting to attend school or continue their education. This includes the Dual Enrollment of High School Students.

Services include:

  • Testing – ACT, SAT, GED, & ABE
  • Scholarship – help with tuition, books, lab fees, uniforms, etc.
  • Transportation – vehicle repairs or payments
  • Exam – any exam required by an institution to fulfill degree requirements or state/degree requirements for licensure
  • Childcare – weekly allowance towards childcare costs



According to a study in 2017 published by the Tennessean, Hancock County (Sneedville, TN) is the second poorest county in Tennessee, followed by Grundy County. With that, other studies from around the world have shown that there is a direct correlation between education and income. In the United States, 87% of people earn a high school diploma or higher and 30% earn a bachelors degree or higher. Education levels in most of the UETHDA service area counties are significantly lower. In Hancock County, about 75% of residents obtain a high school diploma or higher and 11% obtain a bachelors degree or higher.

The Upper East Tennessee Human Development Agency’s Hancock County Neighborhood Service Center is working to change that statistic by partnering with the county’s high school to offer dual enrollment to students. Through this program, students can take college courses through their high school to get a head start on their college education, learn better study habits, see what areas of study interest them, and graduate high school with distinction.