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Edna Lane

Ms. Lane has been using our assistance since 2015. Since that time, we have been able to help her once a year with her electric bill, since finances are tight due to being on a fixed income. Ms. Lane’s knowledge of our program has allowed her to do outreac h with her family and community, bringing more clients in to receive assistance from the Kingsport Neighborhood Service Center. Ms. Lane says, “You all have been really nice to me and have such a wonderful attitude. You can tell that you are not here for just a paycheck, but you do what you do because you truly care about helping people. You outreach to everyone ! You are not partial to anyone! You all don’t favor anyone over another. You truly go the extra mile to make sure that your people (clients) are t aken care of. There have been times where you have called and informed me of anything you think I need to know or can benefit from. Logan, you can see it in your eyes and in your face that your heart is in this. You have a true passion for what you do. It shows that it is something that you want to do! When you can relate, understand, and empathize with what I (or others) are going through or what we have been through, then i t makes me (us) feel comfortable to know that you are here to truly help the people who need it. You all are the best workers and supporters we have ever had!