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Tori and her mother relocated to Washington County, Tennessee in 2015 to pursue higher education opportunities. However, when they arrived things did not go as planned. The family suffered several setbacks upon arrival. The family applied for low income housing. They were notified that an apartment had become available but were not given enough time to pay the required first month’s rent along with the deposits. The family searched for organizations that could help them. Another community agency agreed to help with their deposits but later informed Tori and her mother that they no longer had the funds to assist. During this time of struggle, the family was living in a local hotel and running out of options. A local church became aware of the family’s situation and referred them to UETHDA’s Washington County Neighborhood Service Center. Staff at the center were able to assist the family with housing. They also informed Tori and her mother about the Self Sufficiency Program . Tori was attending Northeast State Community College. Due to her family’s financial circumstances, she was unable to afford gas for her car to be able to make it to her courses. Staff at the NSC were able to enroll Tori in the Self Sufficiency Program, which provides weekly stipends. This program removed financial barriers, so Tori could continue her higher education. In May of 2018, Tori graduated Cum Laude from Northeast State Community College with an Associates Degree in Science University Parallel - General Education. Tori is now enrolled at East Tennessee State University pursuing a Bachelors Degree. She dreams of one day working in a museum as a document and textile conservationist