UETHDA Community Outreach – Our mobile outreach unit travels throughout our 8 county service area to provide assistance to our neighbors. We post the locations, once a month, on our agency’s Facebook page. You may always visit a Neighborhood Service Center in your county, or call us at 246-6180 for assistance as well.

Energy Assistance

LIHEAP – The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), is designed for households in need of assistance with the expense that occurs with their energy costs. These include: Electric, Wood, Coal, Oil, Gas/LP Gas, Kerosene.

LIHEAP stands for Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. It is designed for people in need of assistance with their energy costs, including electric, wood, coal, oil, gas, LP gas, and kerosene. Funding can take between 60-90 days. Keep paying your bill. 

You will need to supply

Government issued identification
Proof of gross income for everyone in household
If applicable, proof of verteran or active military status
Copy of current utility bills for past 12 months

Number of Persons in Household

 Monthly Income Threshold

1 $2,345
2 $3,067
3 $3,788
4 $4,510
5 $5,231
6 $5,953
7 $6,675
8 $7,396